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Visiting Students
Students attending other colleges and universities may enroll in Winter Session classes as non-matriculated students. We recommend that you check with your academic advisor at your home campus about the applicability of the courses you select for your degree program.  Apply here.

Current Stony Brook Students
Currently enrolled undergraduate students may register for classes on the SOLAR System per the academic calendar. The enrollment option will appear on your SOLAR page as would any fall, spring, or summer term.

Graduate non-matriculating students will need to contact the School of Professional Development at 631/632-7050 to be activated for enrollment if they wish to take an undergraduate course during the Winter Session.

Maximum Credit Load
Students are permitted to enroll for a maximum of 4 credits for the winter term. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Petitions will not be accepted.

Transfer Credit Limits

A maximum of 4 credits will be accepted for courses taken during Wintersession, whether the credits are taken at Stony Brook University or transferred in from another institution. For more information, please visit the  Undergraduate Bulletin.

Important Registration Information

If you decide to withdraw, remember to officially drop your course(s) in the SOLAR System. Informing the instructor or not attending the class will not cancel your registration and does not cancel your financial obligation.