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Workshop Program

A google calendar version of the WARL program is available here.

A google calendar version of the ASAL, LSRL, and WARL programs is available here.



Workshop on Arabic and Romance Linguistics

Sunday, April 3

Wang Center room 301


9:00-9:45 Robert Hoberman, Stony Brook University

Deep Indo-European-Semitic Contact


9:45-10:30 Lotfi Sayahi, University at Albany

Variation in the expression of possession in Arabic: the role of language contact



Estefania Valenzuela Mochon (Univ. of Texas)

The Origin of the Direct Object Marker /l-/ in Andalusi Arabic

Maris Camilleri & Peter Hallman (University of Vienna)

Dative recipients in French, Maltese, and Arabic

Shana Poplack (University of Ottawa), Lotfi Sayahi (University at Albany), Nahed Mourad (University of Ottawa), & Natalie Dion (University of Ottawa)

Adding a little Romance: Lone French nouns in Tunisian Arabic discourse

Maris Camilleri, University of Vienna

Paradigmatic dependencies in Semitic and Romance Maltese verbal paradigms

Amanda Eads, North Carolina State University

Indigenous and immigrant Lebanese code-switching within OT


11:30-12:15 Laura Minervini, University of Naples

Languages in Contact: Arabic and Romance in the Middle Ages 

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