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The goals of VENTure are as follows:

  • To improve emergency response and ensure that there is a protocol in place to guarantee the safety and security of people dependent on ventilators and others with complex health conditions who require a similar level of technological and medical intervention in their lives.
  • To provide policy recommendations to relevant stakeholders that reflect safety concerns of these populations.
  • To make existing technology more available and useful to assist with daily living of these populations.
  • To develop new technology specific to these populations with the goal of improving quality of life and ease of daily activities.
  • To provide policy recommendations regarding medical and sensitivity training to enhance the personal assistance these populations.
  • To provide policy recommendations to legislative bodies regarding changes to government programs that will improve safety, independence, and quality of life for these populations.
  • To develop programs and promote social change to facilitate employment, recreation, transportation and education for these populations.

  These goals were established and adopted in January, 2013. 


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