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VENTure Community

School of Health Technology and Management

Members of VENTure who work, research, and teach in this School present expertise in a wide array of social disciplines, including:Health Policy and Ethics; Health and Rehabilitation Sciences; Disability Studies; E-Health Technology; Rehabilitation and Movement Science; Respiratory Care; Occupational Therapy; and Physical Therapy.

Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT)

  CEWIT is Stony Brook University's premier collaborative center that brings together world-class experts in computer science and information technology. This Center houses cutting-edge research in many aspects of technology and how it relates to society. CEWIT experts provide insight into technology solutions that can be of benefit to vent users.

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  The technological goals of VENTure cannot be achieved without the expertise of engineers. We have solicited the involvement of members of the collective engineering departments, including specialists in material sciences and biomedical engineering, to advance research as it pertains to ventilator users.

The School of Nursing

  In order to obtain a fuller understanding of the physiological and medical comorbidities that accompany ventilator-dependence, we have solicited the input and involvement from nurses at the Stony Brook University Hospital and School of Nursing, especially those with experience in the ventilator-use population.

The College of Business

The growth of Stony Brook University's VENTure Think Tank is contingent on finding the right contacts and addressing the right audience. We have incorporated the input of Stony Brook University College of Business professors and students to assist in the development of a “business plan” and “marketing strategy” to ensure that we are maximizing our outreach and fostering the best relationships.

The Political Science Department

The Stony Brook University Political Science department is home to the Center for Survey Research. This Center is critical in helping to contact ventilator-users and their families, and in collecting information about their experiences. We plan to utilize their expertise in a seminal and unprecedented mixed-methods study that will be of critical use in developing policy recommendations and intervention strategies.

Community Partners

While the majority of VENTure members are located at Stony Brook University, we have also incorporated the participation and guidance from a number of members of the broader community. Through the community partnerships VENTure has established, we have incorporated the expertise of disability activists, ventilator-user family members, wheelchair and mobility device experts, lawyers, and representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the New York State Department of Health, the Long Island Power Authority, the New York State Moreland Commission, and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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