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University Environment Committee
Thursday, November 7, 2013
Administration Bldg.: VP Conference Rm. Second Floor : 1:30 PM– 3:00 PM

Attended: Colleen Cheslak, Dawn Pappas, Jennifer Anderson, Kerri Mahoney,
Paul Siegel, Teri Tiso, John Sparano, Nicholas Koridis, John Murray
Staff: John Sparano
Guest: Nick Koridis

John Murray opened the previous meeting notes.
Paul Siegel approved the last draft of the minutes, Dawn Pappas seconded.
Sign-in sheet is passed around, meeting called to order at 1:30 PM. Two new Undergraduate Students are informed of what the committee is all about.

1) Paul Siegel said that land being cleared on east campus is going to be a new parking garage. Nick Koridis mentioned that it is the new MART building.

2) John Robinson, Jim O'Connor, and John Murray went to the North Meadow, which was due to be mowed in about two weeks. There are several species that need to be removed.

3) Nobel Halls: the maintenance was scaled back. No irrigation, low maintenance, mowed twice a year. It looked nice the first time it grew in, but several problems arose. The architect did not have a solution, and John Sparano hasn’t been able to come up with another solution to keep it sustainable.
The architect did not have any recreational suggestions.

Nick suggested that back in the 70’s they used to plant grass all over, wait for it to grow, look for where the paths were made where everyone walked, then put in the walkways. (we all agreed that was a cool idea)

John Sparano explained how we get LEEDS points on campus for many different programs.

Jen Anderson and John Sparano talked about doing a test patch of different types of grass to see which is more reliable for the Nobel hall areas.

Paul Siegel suggested recycled astro-turf along with Dawn Pappas.

Paul Siegel suggested reaching out to our University Arborist. Maybe she has some good ideas.

4) Animal Policy: Paul Siegel spoke on the Campus Animal Policy: animals are not allowed in campus buildings anymore, with some well-defined exceptions.

5) Smoking Policy: Non-smoking policy on campus: Campus police will be more concerned about crime on campus.

6) Kerri Mahoney has volunteered to serve as the UEC representative to the Campus Recreation Advisory Board to replace Paul Siegel.

The Ashley Shiff fundraiser was very successful. 40-45 people showed up. Guardians of the Glade is a new award that has been started. The week before there was some hubbub about some clearing in the preserve.

A clearing was made for a feeder line, and apparently an email was sent, by someone who was very upset, to many people. Eventually it was taken care of, and smoothed out, but not until after Senator LaValle’s office was called and Barbara Chernow’s office was called in.

The goal is to get the preserve locked up permanently so no construction can be done in there.

New business: None

Meeting Adjourned at 3:00 pm

Recorded by Dawn M. Pappas

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