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Stony Brook University, University Senate
University Environment Committee
Monday, April 20, 2015
Admissions Conference Room: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Attended: Ann Gleason, Dawn Pappas, Paul Siegel, Dmitri Tsybychev

Guest: N/A
Introductions: Paul Siegel.
Everyone introduced himself /herself
Motion to Approve the minutes: Ann Gleason, Second, Dawn Pappas

  1. Stony Brook Ranked #4 on being an Environmentally Responsible University

We can thank the office of Facilities and Campus Operations for this recognition and embracing the idea of environmental ethics. Barbara was extremely instrumental in many of this committees successes and initiatives in getting things done, and done right, examples: Shiff Preserve getting put on the map, speed limit reduced on Nicolls Rd, but most importantly, the willingness to listen and work with us.
We want members of this committee to formulate questions for the new position when it gets posted/to ask of candidates when they are to be interviewed.
Paul brings up that at the yearly committee chairs retreat that there are many environmental issues, tree removal, parking, traffic, lack of awareness on texting while walking and driving.

  1. Tobacco Free Campus.

The goal is to get a tobacco free campus on board by next year. We already have smoke free policy in place which is not enforced.
Are we going to have more and be a part of the continuing discussions. There are quite a few meetings with different audiences going on about this issue.
How do we define tobacco? How do we define boundaries of campus?
Plus numerous other questions.
On cell phone usage, let’s have Chief Lenahan come and speak on enforcement and pedestrian safety.

  1. Recommendations to pass on.

    Look into if we can get the Senate on board with some of our good work.
    1. See about a Web site for this committee
    2. Summer meetings for those of us here
    3. Consensus of the members present state that they would be willing to come to summer meetings
  1. New business: N/A
  1. Date and time for the next meeting: Monday, April 20, 2015th 3:00 pm

Motion to adjourn: Ann Gleason, second, Dmitri Tsybychev

Meeting adjourned at: 4:00 PM

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