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Resolution on Minimal Compensation for Extra Service and Adjunct Teaching (revised 5/7/14)

Be it resolved that there should be minimal levels of compensation for all those who offer instruction during the summer and winter sessions and in other extra service teaching. The purpose of specifying a minimal level of compensation is to attract qualified faculty and staff to extra service teaching, to be competitive with peer institutions, and to ensure economic fairness for all those who teach during these periods. Extra service teaching for faculty and staff includes but is not limited to summer session and winter session teaching and teaching during the academic year beyond nominal course loads. This includes online teaching when it is above nominal course loads. Also included are graduate students serving as instructors who are not on a teaching assistantship as well as adjuncts.

Many Northeast state schools (and private schools) have detailed policies on this subject that provide compensation that is significantly in excess of what is provided to some Stony Brook full time and part time faculty.

Minimal support levels should be set at $5000 for a 3 credit course with a proportional amount for courses with a different numbers of credits. This level should be increased from year to year. This is meant to be a minimal level of compensation. The university, colleges, departments and centers are encouraged to increase this amount for reasons of providing incentives for extra service teaching, for courses with larger enrollments and for faculty with special skills.


Passed by the Senate on May 5, 2014.

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