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Undergraduate Student Organization
Office of the President

Stony Brook University Pool Renovation Resolution
Senate Resolution Supporting the On-campus Pool Renovation

Whereas, the increased competition for athletic programs and various student groups, beneficial to the University as a whole, has made Stony Brook University well recognized amongst schools in the country and the world;

Whereas, other universities of comparable size to Stony Brook University are able to provide their students with an on-campus pool for academics (i.e. adaptive aquatics), athletics, student recreation/life and the outside community;

Whereas, access to an on campus pool augments student life by allowing student groups to partake in competitive activities, creating relationships and building camaraderie;

Whereas, Stony Brook University’s ability to attract prospective students and retain current students through its various groups would be greatly aided by access to adequate facilities for these groups;

Whereas, the participation in student-run groups and athletics improves the Stony Brook experience and encourages students to feel connected to the campus community;

Whereas, well-connected students complete their undergraduate education where they are happy;

Whereas, Stony Brook University is an internationally-renowned institution for higher learning, it attracts high-caliber students from places well outside New York and these students pay large amounts of money to be here, if they are unhappy they may select a cheaper alternative or transfer from Stony Brook University due to an inadequate facility; and

Whereas, the undergraduate student body is overwhelmingly supportive of an increase in student-accessible facilities, strongly favoring the on-campus pool renovation,

Be it resolved, by the Senate of the Undergraduate Student Government that Stony Brook University and New York State find an acceptable solution and provide adequate funds within a reasonable time frame for the on-campus pool renovation that provides space for student and community recreation, athletics and academics.

Respectfully submitted to and passed by the Stony Brook Undergraduate Student Government Senate on this 18th day of April 2013. Passed by the University Senate on May 6th, 2013.

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