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Resolution on Access to Course Syllabi

Whereas, the New York State Department of Education standards for the registration of undergraduate and graduate curricula require that academic policies applicable to each course, including learning objectives and methods of assessing student achievement, shall be made explicit by the instructor at the beginning of each term [8 NYCRR § 52.2(e)(4) ]; and

Whereas, a written syllabus that clearly defines the content, goals, and requirements of each course must be distributed at the beginning of the course, made readily available throughout the Add/Drop period, and kept on file in the department office [SB undergraduate bulletin,]; and

Whereas, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) accreditation review will expect the following evidence - “Course-level expected student learning outcomes should be included in course syllabi. Statements of expected student learning also should be available to those planning and implementing assessment activities and to those evaluating programs and the institution”. (MSCHE accreditation standards at;

Whereas, student access prior to registration to the most current syllabus would facilitate improved student advising and course selection; and

Whereas, current technology exists for online syllabus management systems,

Be it resolved that all course syllabi be available in a web-based system, accessible to anyone with an active University issued NetID and password. This system would contain the current authorative syllabus for every course offering as well as a cumulative archive of syllabi, beginning with the initial semester’s collection of syllabi.

Resolution passed at the November 7, 2011 meeting of the University Senate.

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