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Resolution passed unanimously at December 5, 2005 Senate Meeting

Motion to change Senate By-laws regarding membership of the Campus Environment Committee (B.Lindquist)

As the Campus Environment Committee has greatly expanded its charge in recent years; and

As the number of current and planned projects on the main campus and at other locations are increasing significantly; and

As this Committee meets monthly and consults with the Administration frequently on matters within its jurisdiction

The Senate is asked to pass a resolution to modify the University Senate By-Laws to increase the membership of the Campus Environment Committee as follows:

V. Committee Membership

2. Membership of the following committees shall be described below:

j. The Campus Environment Committee shall consist of:

  • one two faculty members from each of the electoral divisions of Arts and Sciences
  • one two faculty members from Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • two faculty members from Health Sciences
  • one library faculty member
  • one professional employee each from West Campus and East Campus
  • two undergraduate students;
  • one graduate student;
  • the Director of Environmental Health & Safety ( ex officio, non-voting).

Motion Passed unanimously

Brent Lindquist: Point of information: membership will be increased through the elections scheduled for the Spring semester. If additional interim members are required prior to Fall 2006 the committee may make the recommendation to the Executive Committee for temporary appointments

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