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Survey Results

The complete findings of the initial surveys have been published in a special section of the journal  Behavior Therapy,together with an introductory overview written by the Steering Committee that has spearheaded this initiative, and a commentary by Dianne Chambless and Tom Ollendick. The articles, each of which has a link to a PDF,   (click on page numbers) are as follows:

Goldfried, M.R., Newman, M.G., Castonguay, L.G., Fuertes, J.N., Magnavita, J.J., Sobell, L.C., & Wolf, A.W. (2014). On the Dissemination of Clinical Experiences in Using Empirically Supported Treatments.  Behavior Therapy,  45, 3-6 .

Wolf, A.W., & Goldfried, M.R. (2014). Clinical Experiences in Using Cognitive-Behavior Therapy to Treat Panic Disorder.  Behavior Therapy,   45, 36-46 .  

McAleavey, A.A., Castonguay, L. G., & Goldfried, M.R. (2014). Clinical Experiences in Conducting Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Social Phobia.  Behavior Therapy,   45, 21-35.  

Szkodny, L.E., Newman, M.G., & Goldfried, M.R. (2014).  Clinical Experiences in Conducting Empirically Supported Treatments for Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  Behavior Therapy,   45, 7-20.  

Chambless, D.L. (2014). Can We Talk? Fostering Interchange between Scientists and Practitioners.  Behavior Therapy,  45, 47-50 .  

Ollendick, T.H. (2014).   Advances Toward Evidence-Based Practice: Where to From Here?  Behavior Therapy,    45, 51-55.  

Jacobson, N. C., Newman, M. G., & Goldfried, M. R. (2016).  Clinical Feedback About Empirically Supported Treatments for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.   Behavior Therapy, 47, 75-90.


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