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Steering Committee

We are fortunate enough to have a Steering Committee whose motivation, interest, and energy, as well as ongoing experience in working to close the gap between practitioners and researcher, have been contributing to the success of this initiative.

The Two-Way Bridge Steering Committee is comprised of the following: Louis G. Castonguay, Past-President, Society for Psychotherapy Research, North American Society for Psychotherapy Research; Jairo N. Fuertas, Fellow in APA and American Academy of Counseling Psychology; Marvin R. Goldfried, Past-President, Society for Psychotherapy Research, APA Society of Clinical Psychology, APA Division of Psychotherapy, Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration; Jeffrey J. Magnavita, Past-President, APA Division of Psychotherapy; Michelle G. Newman, Editor, Behavior Therapy, psychotherapy researcher in anxiety disorders; Linda Sobell, Past-President, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, APA Society of Clinical Psychology; Abraham W. Wolf, Past-President, APA Division of Psychotherapy.