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Morphology related bulk and surface mechanical properties of ultralow diameter VGCF-iPP monofilament nanocomposites under potential confinement conditions

This study looks at the effect of imposed confinement on morphology related properties in vapor grown carbon nanofibers (VGCF) polypropylene nanocomposite filaments.  Different levels of imposed confinement are achieved through varying the content of the VGCF and the dimensions of the nanocomposite filaments.  The resulting molecular confinement is apparent through a sharp increase (termed the inversion point) in a number of properties at low filament diameters, which is associated with a formation of a 'shish kebab' structure and a transition from a skin/core morphology to an axially oriented lamellar structure.

*Tanami GA, Kovalenko L, Chang C, Rafailovich M, Marom G. Nanocomposites 2015; 1:18