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Inventors Patent No. Issue Data Title
John Brittelli, Craig Lehmann 10,755,809 8/25/2020 Home Medication Manager
Amy Marschilok, Esther Takeuchi, Kenneth Takeuchi 10,763,491 9/1/2020 Electrode Materials for Group II Cation-Based Batteries
James Scheuermann, Wei Zhao 10,756,283 9/1/2020 Fabrication Method for Fused Multip-Layer Amorphous Selenium Sensor
Carol Carter, Susan Watanabe 10,765,687 9/8/2020 Methods and Compounds to Inhibit Enveloped Virus Release
 Danny Bluestein, Thomas Clairborne 10,772,722   9/15/2020  Polymeric Heart Valve
Mikhail Gouzman, Serge Luryi, Satya Sharma, Peter Shkolnikov  10,794,939  10/6/2020 Sensors for Power Distribution Network and Electric Grid Monitoring System Associated Therewith
 Hsingli Hsi, Mark Talamini  10,792,026  10/6/2020  Film Device and Method Using the Same
 Jon Longtin  10,436,519  10/8/2020  Cocurrent Loop Thermosyphon Heat Transfer System for Sub-Ambient Evaborative Cooling and Cool Storage  
Christopher Koenigsmann, Megan Scofield, Stanislaus Wong  10,804,543  10/13/2020  Ultrathin, Ternary Alloy PtRuFe Nanowires for the Methanol Oxidation Reaction and Formic Acid Oxidation Reaction
 Avraham Dilmanian  10,814,146  10/27/2020  Radiation Therapy with Orthovoltage X-Ray Minibeams
Amirhossein Goldan, Wei Zhao 10,825,939 11/3/2020 Selenium Photomultipler and Method for Fabrication Thereof
Yasha Karimi, Emre Salman, Milutin Stanacevic, Tutu Wan 10,846,581 11/24/2020 Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting Apparatus and Method for Utilizing the Same
Amirhossein Goldan, Wei Zhao 10,868,202 12/15/2020 Multi-Well Selenium Device and Method for Fabrication Thereof
Mark Lukin 10,882,861 1/5/2021 Purine Nucleotide Derivatives
James Scheuermann, Wei Zhao 10,903,437 1/26/2021 Fabrication Method for Fused Mult-Layer Amorphous Selenium Sensor
Samir Das, Himanshu Gupta, Navid Hamed Azimi, Vvas Sekar 10,924,183 2/16/2021 Reconfigurable Wireless Data Center Network Using Free-Space Optics
Christopher Page 10,925,633 2/23/2021 Needle Guide Device and Method
Zhangjie Chen, Ya Wang 10,935,266 3/2/2021 System and Method for Occupancy-Driven Register Airflow
Wadie Bahou, Patrick Hearing, Varsha Sitaraman 10,947,514 3/16/2021 Adeno-Associated-Virus Rep Sequences, Vectors, and Viruses