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Office of Sustainability EcoLeaders 

The EcoLeader program is a student leadership initiative that focuses on raising positive awareness of environmental issues and encourages sustainable practices at the University. The EcoLeader Program started in fall 2012 and is operated by the Office of Sustainability, under the Division of Facilities & Services. The program's goals are to increase student knowledge on important environmental issues such as conservation, sustainability, recycling, and ecological awareness, in the context of a University setting. The mission of the EcoLeader Program is to promote environmentally responsible behavior, in an effort to raise awareness and reduce our University's carbon footprint.

Role of An EcoLeader

Stony Brook University EcoLeaders are expected to:

  • Serve as a communicator & ambassador for the University's sustainability initiatives.
  • Evaluate the environment where students live, learn, and eat, and consider opportunities to increase recycling & energy conservation efforts.
  • Organize and participate in awareness events, such as Campus Sustainability Day, Earthstock and Grow Red Plantings - which are all related to sustainability.
  • Conduct documented sustainability and recycling inspections of various public areas on campus and assist with residence hall and commuter area inspection tours where applicable. Communicate inspection findings to University staff and follow up on pending and/or unresolved issues, if required.
  • Conduct surveys about sustainability in order to increase awareness among the community. 


Advantages to Being an EcoLeader

Participating in the EcoLeader Program offers Stony Brook University students with:

  • Increased knowledge & awareness of sustainability initiatives
  • Leadership opportunity & student outreach experience
  • Opportunity to work with passionate students, faculty & staff
  • Opportunity to publicly speak with other students
  • Opportunity to participate in various University events & go "behind the scenes"


How Do I Apply?

EcoLeaders will be selected after applications are reviewed by the Office of Sustainability. Selected EcoLeaders will be appointed one (1) year terms and students may re-apply to serve multiple terms, as long as they remain in a current student status at Stony Brook University. Current SBU students may apply to become an EcoLeaders by completing and submitting the form below. Once a form is submitted, the Office of Sustainability will contact the applicant with additional information.

Please complete the form below.