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Who We Are

Stony Brook University offers the opportunity to participate in the Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps (Army ROTC). Task Force Havoc began teaching class at SUNY Stony Brook in 2006 supported by the  SUNY Stony Brook ROTC Club. These classes continue to support students at Stony Brook as well as other schools on Eastern Long Island such as Dowling College, St. Joseph's University (Long Island campus), and Suffolk Community College.

What We Do

Military training through the Army ROTC enhances the foundation of academic learning with the leadership and communication skills necessary to commission as a second lieutenant and serve on active duty, reserve or national guard status. 

As an integral part of the program, freshmen and sophomore level (basic course) cadets enroll in and attend a ½ credit class, while junior and senior cadets (advanced course) complete one 3 credit class per semester.

At Stony Brook University, physical training is conducted three days a week from 0630 to 0730. Classes and laboratory sessions are conducted on Fridays from 0900 to 1600, or until complete, as determined by the cadre. Laboratory sessions provide the opportunity for cadets to hone tactical skills, are conducted in various areas on campus, and typically last 2 to 3 hours. Field training exercises occur once a semester off campus with the entire Battalion and usually run from a Friday through a Sunday.

Available scholarships can include full tuition or housing, books and a monthly stipend.

Get Involved

If you:

  • Have two, three or four years left to get your degree
  • Are a graduate student
  • Are a nursing student
  • Had prior service
  • Are part of the National Guard / Army Reserves
  • Are just curious

The Hofstra Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) program qualifies students for appointment as an officer of the United States Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard. Students attend Military Science classes during their regular course of studies. Students develop maturity, responsibility and dependability while earning the Gold Bar of Army Second Lieutenant. Hofstra is a host university for the ROTC Program on Long Island. Being a host university, several universities from Long Island fall under Hofstra's ROTC program to include students from:

For information please call (877) 463-ROTC (7682)


or visit this this page for more contact information:  ROTC Task Force Havoc

For information about the Stony Brook ROTC Club, please visit this link


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