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Good Samaritan Policy

Stony Brook’s Good Samaritan Policy encourages students to call for help in an alcohol or other drug related emergency. 

Students may be reluctant to seek medical attention for themselves or others for incidents related to alcohol or drug consumption due to a fear of potential consequences of their own conduct.

Under this policy, the student for whom assistance is sought and the bystander acting in good faith who discloses to University officials an incident of alcohol or drug use, may not be subjected to University sanctions for violations of alcohol or drug policies.

Good Samaritan FAQs 



Know the Signs of an Alcohol Overdose

If the person:
  • Is semi-conscious or passed out and cannot be awakened
  • Vomits while sleeping or passed out and does not wake up
  • Is not breathing or breathing very slowly
  • Has cold, clammy, pale or bluish color skin

How to respond
  • If any warning signs above are noticed, CALL FOR HELP
    • On campus: University Police (333 from a campus phone, or (631) 632-3333 from a cell phone)
    • Off campus: Call 911
  • DO NOT leave someone alone
  • DO NOT put someone in the shower
  • DO NOT give someone food or more drink

Alchohol Facts