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"I am my brother's keeper, and together we will rise!"

Committee of Academic Development

The Academic Development Committee shall provide academic support and services to members and shall plan all academic and educational programs.  

The Blueprint (SAAB Academic Success Initiative)

In order for SAAB members to be successful, the organization created an academic strategy called, "The Blueprint".  The Blueprint is a framework that is designed to partner with key support offices on campus that assist SAAB students in the following areas:

  • Major/Minor Academic Planning
  • Study Skill Development
  • Professional Engagement
  • Graduate School Preparation
  • Professional and Career Development

Here are the following offices and departments:

Office/Department Personnel
Academic Advising and Transfer Services Academic Advisors
Career Center Career Center Specialists
Undergraduate Colleges Undergraduate College Counselors
Academic Success and Tutoring Center Workshop Leaders, Academic Success Coaches, and Tutors
Graduate School Graduate Students, Professors, and Advisors
SAAB Advisors (See Advisors Page) University Staff