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Danielle Belmonte

Communication Coordinator, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
Start Date: March 6, 2023

Danielle Belmonte is all about working hard, growing, learning and striving. “I like to hit the ground running, always be busy, and I want to be challenged.” Check, check and check. Since her arrival here at the start of March, Danielle says the work culture and pace are just her speed.

“I’ve already learned and grown so much and it’s such an incredibly comfortable environment. Everyone is so welcoming.”

The position is also a perfect fit for the Stony Brook alum who claims, “I love to do all things creative and I love to work on a wide variety of projects.”

 In her new position, Danielle says she gets to do “a little bit of everything.” That includes creating newsletters, promotional event flyers, social media posts and graphic design elements. It also encompasses updating the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) website so it’s “easier to navigate”. And the list goes on.

The common thread is that all of these materials are helping to promote the many areas that fall under the CAS umbrella. A recent substantial project right upon her arrival included helping to develop department flyers for the University-wide Admitted Students Day in April. “It was a great opportunity and achievement for me, right off the bat!”

Danielle BelmonteAs an alum of the College of Arts and Sciences Department of English (she received a BA in English Literature in 2010, after getting her associate’s degree at Suffolk Community College), Danielle has come full circle, sharing that “It’s great to be back!”And she says it’s great to get to explore the campus more. “I didn’t have as much opportunity back then as a commuter student, but I do now!”

Danielle’s path back to her alma mater followed 10 years working at a local publication on Long Island’s North Shore. There, she developed the skills of coordinating advertising, marketing and communications, and social media campaigns as well as teaching herself how to work on websites. “It was a lot of fun recreating sites and always making sure to brand all communications for the business.” Also loving fashion, beauty and makeup, Danielle has worked at the front desk of a beauty salon since she was 16 and managed one for many years.

The Portuguese, first-generation college graduate was born in Queens but has lived for many years in nearby Ronkonkoma. She recently bought and is renovating her childhood home where she now lives with husband Joe, daughters London (seven years old) and Sienna (3 1/2 ), and her mother. 

When she’s not working, Danielle continues to love reading, creative writing and writing in her journal. She also creates personalized gifts for showers and weddings as a small ‘side business.’ And she credits her English major with leading her on her chosen path: “There are so many opportunities and directions you can take and so many interesting areas you might fall into, things you may not have even thought of!”