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Kurt Bretsch


Faculty Director, Semester by the Sea



- University of South Carolina

Research Topics:

Marine and Environmental Science Education, Coastal Community Ecology

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  • Bio/Research


    My research interests/background fall within the realm of coastal and estuarine marine community ecology, and specifically in determining spatial and temporal distributions of economically and ecologically important fishes and macro-invertebrates and how changing patterns of habitat use reflect biotic and abiotic environmental conditions. I created and used a novel sampling method, the sweep flume, to reveal patterns to the tidal migrations of fishes, shrimps, and crabs in salt marsh intertidal creeks. My research typically includes a strong undergraduate education component. I collaborated with a student to investigate induced responses to stresses in a rocky intertidal alga and also led a team of students in exploring oyster growth at several sites in Shinnecock Bay and Great Peconic Bay. Currently, my focus is on undergraduate programming and I am not advising graduate students. I am also the Faculty Director for our immersive Semester by the Sea program, and I offer a summer course in Oceanography for undergraduates and exemplary high school students.

  • Publications


    Bretsch, K., and D. M. Allen, 2006, Effects of Biotic Factors on the Depth Selection of Nekton, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 334 (1): 130-138

    Bretsch, K., and D. M. Allen, 2006, Tidal Migrations of Nekton in Salt Marsh Intertidal Creeks, Estuaries and Coasts 29 (3): 479-491

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