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Karina Yager

Assistant Professor



- Yale University

Research Topics:

Climate change impacts, Remote Sensing, Land-cover and Land-Use Change, Alpine Ecosystems, Andes, Mountain Societies, and Sustainability Studies


  • Bio/Research


    Dr. Yager’s research focuses on monitoring the social and ecological impacts of climate change in the Andes of South America. Her interdisciplinary research examines land use and land cover change (LCLUC), utilizing remote sensing, alpine vegetation studies, peatland studies, and ethnographic fieldwork with indigenous pastoralists.

    Yager’s current projects (NASA-ROSES) are focused on the impact of disappearing tropical glaciers on pastoral agriculture, deciphering climate and societal drivers of LCLUC, and the study of high-Andean wetland change in Northern Chile (CONICYT). She has been part of the GLORIA (Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments) network in South America since 2002.


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  • Publications


    2019 Cooper, DJ, Sueltenfuss, J,  Oyague, E, Yager, K, Slayback, D, Caballero, M., Argollo, J., and Mark, B. Drivers of Peatland Water Table Dynamics in the Central Andes, Bolivia and Peru.  Hydrological Processes

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    2019 Yager, K., Valdivia, C., Slayback, D., Jimenez, E., Meneses, R.I., Palabral, A., Bracho, M., Romero, D., Hubbard, A., Pacheco, P., Calle, A., Alberto, H., Yana, O., Ulloa, D., Zeballos, G., Romero, A. Socio-ecological dimensions of Andean pastoral landscape change: Bridging traditional ecological knowledge and satellite image analysis in Sajama National Park, Bolivia.  Regional Environmental Change

    2019  ( in press)  Meneses, R., Domic, A., Beck S., and Yager. K  (eds.) Bofedales: Oasis in the Puna. The Nature Conservancy and The National Herbarium of Bolivia, La Paz.

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    2018 Valdivia, C and Yager, K. Adapting to Climate Change in the Andes: Changing landscapes and livelihood strategies in the Altiplano. Chapter 41. In The Routledge Handbook of Latin American Development. (Eds) Julie Cupples, Manuel Prieto and Marcela Palomino-Schalscha. Routledge. ISBN: 1138060739

    2017 Schmidt, S. K., Darcy, J. L., Sommers, P., Gunawan, E., Knelman, J. E., and Yager, K. Freeze–thaw revival of rotifers and algae in a desiccated, high-elevation (5500 meters) microbial mat, high Andes, Perú. Extremophiles, 1-8.doi: 10.1007/s00792-017-0926-2.

    2017 Seimon TA, Seimon A, Yager K, Reider K, Delgado A, Sowell P, Tupayachi A, Konecky B, McAloose D, Halloy S. Long-term monitoring of tropical alpine habitat change, Andean anurans, and chytrid fungus in the Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru: Results from a decade of study. Ecology and Evolution;00:1–14. DOI:

    2016 Cuesta, F., Muriel, P., Llambi, L.D., Halloy, S., Aguirre, N., Beck, S., Carilla, J., Menses, R.I., Cuello, S., Grau, A., Gamez, L., Irazabel, J., Jacome, J., Jaramillo, R., Ramirez, L., Samaniego, N., Suarez-Duque, D., Thompson, N., Tupuachi, A., Viñas, P., Yager, K., Becerra, M., Pauli, H., Gosling, W. Latitudinal and altitudinal patterns of plant community diversity on mountain summits across the tropical Andes. Ecography, DOI:

    2015 Cooper, D., Kaczynski, K, Slayback, D, and Yager, K. Growth and organic production in peatlands dominated by Distichia muscoides, Bolivia. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 47 (3): 505-510.

    2015 Yager, K. Satellite Imagery and Community Perceptions of Climate Change Impacts and Landscape Change. In J. Barnes & M. Dove (Eds.), Climate Cultures: Anthropological Perspectives on Climate Change. Ch. 6: 146-168. New Haven: Yale University Press.

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    Yager, Karina Salt Routes from Uyuni and Atacama, Bolivia. The Great Inka Road: Engineering An Empire. Matos, R and Barreiro, J. (Eds.) Washington D.C.: Smithsonian. ISBN: 978-1-58834-495-3

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