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Henry Bokuniewicz

Distinguished Service Professor



- Yale University

Research Topics:

Near shore transport processes, coastal groundwater hydrology, coastal sedimentation, marine geophysics

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  • Bio/Research


    My research is concerned primarily with the behavior of coastal sedimentary systems and coastal groundwater hydrology. My students and I are working with the dynamics of coastal processes. We are involved with monitoring programs for ocean beaches to investigate shoreline changes, beach dynamics, the responses to storms and rip currents. Field work also is undertaken to quantify the seepage of groundwater across the sea floor especially around oceanic islands as well as to investigate the global impact of coastal groundwater seepage.

    Much of this research is directly applicable to problems of coastal zone management as in the use of offshore sand resources to mitigate the impacts of storm erosion and the marine spatial planning for ocean outfalls, wind farms etc. I remain interested in applying my research to practical problems of groundwater seepage at the sea floor, shore erosion, the dispersion of contaminants, dredging and the disposal of the dredged sediments and marine mining.

  • Publications


    Selected Publications

    Bokuniewicz H.  and S. G. Jang, 2018. Dredging Intensity: a spatio-temporal indicator for managing marine resources. Environmental Management,

    Grzelak, K., J.Tamborski, L. Kotwicki, and   H. Bokuniewicz, 2018. Ecostructuring of marine nematode communities by submarine groundwater discharge, Marine Environmental Research: 136: 106-119.

    Valentí, R., J. Garcia-Orellana, G, Trezzi, P. Masqué, T. Stieglitz,   H. Bokuniewicz, J. K. Cochran and E. Berdalet,  2017. Using the radium quartet to quantify submarine groundwater discharge and porewater exchange, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 196:58-73. DOI: 10.1016/j.gca.2016.09.016

    Huang, H. and   H. Bokuniewicz, 2016.  Response of New York’s ocean shoreline to extreme events and sea-level rise, Shore and Beach 84: 9pp

    Tamborski, J. J.,  A. D. Rogers,   H. J. Bokuniewicz, J. K. Cochran, C. R. Young, 2015.  Identification and quantification of diffuse fresh submarine groundwater discharge via airborne thermal infrared remote sensing, Remote Sensing of Environment 171: 202–217.

    Bokuniewicz, H.J., J. K. Cochran, J. Garcia-Orellana, V. Rodellas, J. W. Daniel, and C. Heilbrun, 2015. Intertidal percolation through beach sands as a source of 224,223Ra to Long Island Sound, New York, and Connecticut, United States, Journal of Marine Research  73:123–140.

    Rapaglia J.,  C. Grant,   H. Bokuniewicz, T. Pick, and J. Scholten, 2015.  A GIS typology to locate sites of submarine groundwater discharge. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 145: 10-18.

    Young, C., J. Tamborski,   H. Bokuniewicz, 2015. Embayment Scale Assessment of Submarine Groundwater Discharge Nutrient Loading and Associated Land Use. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 158: 20-30.

    Morgan Gelinas, M,   H. Bokuniewicz, J. Rapaglia, and K.M.M. Lwiza, 2013. Sediment Resuspension by Ship Wakes in the Venice Lagoon Journal of Coastal Research: Volume 29, Issue 1: 8-17. doi:

    Carretero, S, J. Rapaglia,   H. Bokuniewicz, K. Eduardo. 2013. Impact of sea level rise on saltwater intrusion length into the coastal aquifer Partidio de La Costa, Argentina. Continental Shelf Research, in press.

    Bokuniewicz, H.J., N. C. Kraus, S. Munger, M. Slattery and R. Coffey, 2010. Monitoring Incipient Breaching at an Artificial Inlet: Georgica Pond, New York. Journal of Coastal Research: in press.

    Slattery, M.,   H. Bokuniewicz  and P. Gayes. 2010. Incipient rip-current statistics on an open coast in: Rip Currents: Beach Safety, Physical Oceanography and Wave Modeling. S. Leatherman and J. Fletemeyer, eds. CRC Press. In press.

    Rapaglia, J.P. and   H. J. Bokuniewicz, 2009. The effect of groundwater advection on salinity in pore waters of permeable sediments. Limnology and Oceanography: 54: 630–643

    Bokuniewicz, H.J., M. Taniguchi, T. Ishitoibi, M. Charette,M. Allen, and E.A. Kontar. 2008. Direct measurements of Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) over a fractured rock aquifer in Flamengo Bay Brazil. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science: 466-472

    Bokuniewicz, H.J., J. Rapaglia and A. Beck. 2006. Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) from a Volcanic Island: A case study in Mauritius Island. International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography: Vol.1 No.3 ISSN 0973-2667

    Buonaiuto, F.S.,   Bokuniewicz, H.J.  and FitzGerald, D.M., 2008. Principal component analysis of morphology change at a tidal inlet: Shinnecock Inlet, NY Journal of Coastal Research 24:867-875.

    Burnett, W.C., P.K. Aggarwal, A. Aureli,   H. J. Bokuniewicz, J.E. Cable, M.A. Charette, E. Kontar, S. Krupa, K.M. Kulkarni, A. Loveless, W.S. Moore, J.A. Oberdorfer, J. Oliveira, N. Ozyurt, P. Povinec, A.M. G. Privitera, R. Rajar, R.T. Ramessur, J. Scholten, T. Stieglitz, M. Taniguchi, J. V. Turner. 2006. Quantifying submarine groundwater discharge in the coastal zone via multiple methods. Science of the Total Environment 367: 498-543.

    Bokuniewicz, H.J.  2005. Sedimentary Processes in the Hudson River Estuary. In “The Hudson River Estuary Ecosystem”. J. Waldman and J. Levinton editors, Cambridge University Press: 39-50.

    Bokuniewicz, H.J.  2005. Sedimentary Processes in the Hudson River Estuary “The Hudson River Estuary Ecosystems” J. Waldman and J. Levinton editors, Cambridge University Press, in press.

    Bokuniewicz, H., Pollock, M., Blum, J. and R. Wilson. 2005. Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Salt Penetration across the Sea Floor. Groundwater 42: 983-989.

    Bokuniewicz, H., W. Burnett, M. Huettel, W. Moore and M. Taniguchi. 2003. Groundwater Pore Water Inputs to the Coastal Zone. Biogeochemistry 66: 3-33, 2003.

    Bokuniewicz, H.J.  2001. Towards a coastal groundwater typology. Journal of Sea Research: 46: 99-108.

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    Giosan, L.,   H.J. Bokuniewicz, N.Panin, I. Postalache, 1998. Longshore sediment transport pattern along the Romanian Danube Delta Coast. Journal of Coastal Research Volume 15:859-871.

    Bokuniewicz, H.J.  1995. Sedimentary systems of coastal plain estuaries. Developments in Sedimentology 53:49-68.

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