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Edward Carpenter

Professor Emeritus



- North Carolina State University

Research Topics:

Nitrogen cycling among plankton, and ambient seawater, phytoplankton and zooplankton ecology.

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  • Bio/Research


    Our group has several major interests. One concerns nitrogen fixation in the sea. We work in tropical and subtropical waters on the biology and ecology of nitrogen fixation in marine planktonic cyanobacteria. Recently we have begun to use remote sensing techniques to study their distribution and factors affecting bloom phenomena.

    Our second major interest centers on the measurement of species-specific growth rates of phytoplankton in the sea. We are attempting to determine factors that limit phytoplankton growth, as well as to understand the role of a species as a primary producer. This research requires a field program to collect phytoplankton and environmental data, and laboratory measurements on the samples using markers of various stages in the cell cycle, and epifluorescence and video microscopy to determine growth rates.

    Lastly, we have been investigating causes of blooms of harmful marine phytoplankton in coastal and estuarine waters.

  • Publications


    Janson, S.,   E.J. Carpenter, B. Bergman, S.J. Giovannoni, and K. Vergin. (in press). Phylogenetic characterization of natural populations of   Trichodesmium spp.  (cyanobacteria) based on 16s rDNA and hetR sequences. J. Phycology.

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    Last revised: April 23, 1999
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