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Shannon Davis (MA, 2017)

Shannon Davis

Shannon Davis has been the Global Animal Welfare Specialist for Aquaculture with The Humane League (THL) since August 2022. THL has a mission to promote ethical animal farming practices by influencing policies. Before starting her position with THL, she created a farmed salmon welfare standard with Global Animal Partnership (GAP), an animal welfare labeling and certification organization. Her work at THL continues to entail a number of tasks including staying up-to-date on the latest research of farmed aquatic animals. She also discusses fish welfare with NGOs and other researchers, creates resources that are fact-checked for THL and consumers, and advises on the direction of THL's fish welfare work. Since Shannon is the first person to work within the realm of fish welfare, she is playfully described as the resident “fish person” at the organization, carrying a title any SoMAS graduate would proudly wear.

Shannon Davis came to the the Marine Conservation and Policy program with a BFA in Dramatic Writing from Purchase College and a passion for fish and sustainable fisheries. She chose the MCP program for its unique marriage of science, policy, and communications, which would allow her to pursue both her passions: writing and sustainable fisheries. While attending the MCP Program, Shannon also worked for Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) with the Peconic Estuary Program, restocking local bays with shellfish to improve water quality. She also interned at New York Sea Grant, researching sustainable fisheries on Long Island. After graduation, Shannon interned for a year with FishWise, a Santa Cruz organization dedicated to promoting sustainable seafood standards before starting her role at The Humane League.