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Gene Carl Feldman (MS, 1983, PhD, 1985)

Gene Carl Feldman at the ship's wheel

Gene Carl Feldman is an oceanographer at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.  Currently, he is the project manager of the  mission called SeaWiFS (Sea-Viewing Wide Field Sensor).  Prior to his work with SeaWiFS, Gene worked with the Nimbus-7 Coastal Zone Color Scanner project.

Gene has contributed to many additional programs, including the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study,  Coastal Rhythms Exhibition at the New England Aquarium and the Jason Project. He has participated in several JASON expeditions including the JASON VII expedition when he explored the depths of the sea on board a United States Naval nuclear research submarine.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in biology at Stony Brook University, he spent three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Western Samoa.  Gene worked for the National Marine Fisheries Service and New York Sea Grant before returning to Stony Brook.  Gene received  his master’s degree (1983) in marine environmental sciences and his Ph.D. (1985) in coastal oceanography from the Marine Sciences Center at Stony Brook University.  His doctoral research  focused on satellite observations of phytoplankton variability in the eastern equatorial Pacific.