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Carolyn Weis (MA, 2013)

Carolyn Weis

Carolyn Weis, a graduate of the Marine Conservation and Policyprogram, is applying the skills she acquired from the program to her job with the International Conservation Caucus Foundation (ICCF), where she is the Program Manager for the Oceans Caucus Program. Working closely with congressmen who share the ICCF’s dedication to environmental conservation, Weis educates policy makers on the importance of environmental conservation efforts, both domestic and international, and encourages investments to further these efforts.

In Weis’ words, “the world is getting smaller.” Technology has allowed shipping of products around the globe, and many of the products we use every day are actually made in foreign countries. The problem? Despite domestic efforts to promote sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, many of the countries we get our products from do not follow these same practices. Weis is working to solve this problem by organizing educational events around the world and securing funding for developing countries so that sustainability can become a global reality.

Weis is making great progress in congress, addressing global conservation issues and providing sustainable solutions. Her next project will focus on sustainable fishery management; she is currently developing a series of fisheries workshops to present internationally.

Weis advises students to avoid “tunnel vision,” to consider all opportunities, and to “be open to new prospects,” noting that the MCP program provides its students with an arsenal of knowledge and skills that can be applied to a wide range of careers.