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NAI-SBU Announces  the 2022 Young Academic Inventor's Award Winners 

Lei Wang, Ph.D. and Yasha Karimi Ph.D


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Drs. Craig Lehmann and Serge Luryi  Elected 2021 NAI Fellows. 

ClDr. Lehmann is a registered clinical chemist and a Fellow of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry.  He is also Dean of the School of Health Technology and Management at SBU.  

slDr.  Luryi is a Distinguished Professor of the SBU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is also a Fellow of the American Physical Society, and a Fellow of the Optical Society of America. (Read more)

The 2021 NAI Fellow list includes 164 prolific innovators from 116 research universities, and governmental and non-profit institutes worldwide. They collectively hold 4,800 issued U.S. patents.  List of 2021 NAI-Fellows at NAI


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Dr. Jahangir Rastegar, Keynote Speaker at the NAI-SBU 2021 Annual Meeting:   "An Inventor's Experience"




SBU Chapter of NAI

oMessage from the President

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Mission Statement

The Stony Brook University Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI-SBU) has been established (i) to recognize the contributions of academic inventors across all disciplines in the Stony Brook University community, (ii) enhance the visibility of university technology and academic innovation, (iii) encourage the disclosure of intellectual property, (iv) educate and mentor innovative students, and (v) translate the inventions of its members to benefit society.

Action Plan

  • Young Academic Inventor’s Awards
  • Nominations of NAI Fellow candidates
  • Symposiums, Lectures and Workshops
  • Networking of Researchers for New Academic Inventions
  • Induction of new members at the Annual Chapter Meeting

NAI-SBU Events

Join our virtual panel discussion: "Navigating Conflict of Interest: A Discussion for Entrepreneurial Faculty"


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2022 NAI-SBU Annual Meeting  and Induction Ceremony , May 12 2022 (read more)  AM
SBU Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors Inaugural Induction Ceremony

Monday April 11, 2016 (read more) 

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