Stony Brook University
Middle States Self-Study Timeline

FALL 2011

  • Marsha Pollard and Charles Robbins attend Self-Study Institute
  • Discussion held with President and Provost regarding Self-Study process
  • Charles Robbins and Tonjanita Johnson attend pre-conference workshops and 2011 MSCHE Annual Conference
  • Chairs, Co-Chairs of the Planning Committee Selected


  • Planning Committee commences regular meetings
  • Decision made to undertake a Comprehensive Self-Study
  • Agreement on proposal to assign the MSCHE standards of excellence to six working groups
  • Numerous presentations on Middle States made to stakeholders across the campus
  • Development of the Self-Study Design Proposal for submission to Middle States
  • Hiring of Middle States support staff
  • May 24, 2012 visit by Middle States Vice-President to discuss Self-Study Design Proposal and meet with key individuals and groups
  • Approval of Self-Study Design


  • Appointment of Work Group chairpersons and members
  • ‘Middle States’ web site goes live


FALL 2012/SPRING 2013

  • Steering Committee formed of Planning Committee and Chairs of the work groups
  • Work groups conduct research in response to questions and submit reports to the Steering Committee
  • Middle States Commission selects Chair of the evaluation team
  • Chair of the evaluation team and University agree upon dates for the team visit and Chair’s preliminary visit.
  • Communication plan continues with combination of face to face meetings, mail communication and posting information on the website.


  • Self-Study draft completed and distributed for final comments to Steering Committee and key University officials 

FALL 2013

  • Self-Study draft posted on web for campus review
  • Governance structure reviews draft Self-Study
  • Self-Study draft sent to Chair of the Evaluation Team
  • Evaluation Team Chair makes preliminary campus site visit
  • University prepares final Self-Study document


  • Final Self-Study document distributed to Evaluation Team and Middle States


  • Evaluation Team visit
  • Evaluation Team report
  • University Response

JUNE 2014

  • Middle States Commission action
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