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Stony Brook’s ChemE-Sports Team Wins 'Ultimate Controller" Award in National Competition


ChemE-Sports Award

The Stony Brook University (SBU) Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) participated in the ChemE-Sports Competition that took place at the AIChE annual meeting on November 13, 2022. The SBU team was the first place winner of the competition's award "Ultimate Controller". This is the first achievement of the SBU Chapter and the second time the team participated in the annual competition.

The ChemE-Sports competition is one of the AIChE’s main events and it is a national competition for undergraduate students majoring in chemical engineering. The competing teams are given real-life scenarios that could be observed in a plant and an objective to complete within a given timeframe, using a simulator. Scoring is based upon both the profitability and the safety of the unit during the simulated run. This year the competition was based on a Distillation Unit, combining virtual reality and a distributed control system.

The members of the SBU ChemE-Sports team are:

Captain:  Joshua Huevel-Horwitz
Members: Wilson Lee Liang, Leela Sotsky, Angelina Mae Precilla 
Faculty Advisor: Steve Nitodas

ChemE-Sports team 2022

From left to right: Wilson Lee Liang,  Angelina Mae Precilla, Leela Sotsky, Joshua Huevel-Horwitz, Steve Nitodas.