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Marine Conservation and Policy Courses

The MA degree in MCP requires a total of 30 graduate credits.  Students must complete 24 graduate credits in the areas of Marine Sciences, Conservation, Communications, Policy/Law//Management, Quantitative Assessment, and Field Studies. In addition, students must complete 6 credits of either Capstone Project or Internship, depending on their area of interest. 

The following course listings reflect what is currently being offered and may change by semester.

For a full list of current course offerings and descriptions, please click here.

MCP curriculum checklist 2022-2023 (PDF)

A. Marine Sciences – 2 coursesOne course in a basic biological field plus any other MAR course. Suggestions for biology courses include:

G. Project or Internship – 6 credits


For more information on the Capstone Project or Internship, please click here.

Total Credits   30