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An overview of the MCP Program

The Graduate Program in Marine Conservation and Policy at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences provides students with an understanding of contemporary marine conservation and policy issues and helps them develop the necessary skills to apply this knowledge in marine conservation positions that require advanced training and a broad skill-set, but are not research-based. Graduates of this program should be able to compete effectively for positions in government, environmental consultancy, and non-governmental organizations, and to apply marine conservation and policy knowledge in other fields such as law, teaching, communications or business.

Interested in applying to the MCP Program ?  Have additional questions?  Check out the  FAQ for answers to additional questions, and view the  MCP Course  checklist.

Read our  MCP student  bios, including a selection of capstone projects and internships  and examples of where MCP graduates have landed jobs in their field.


Interested in an M.S. or Ph.D.? SoMAS also offers M.S. and PhD. Degrees in Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.