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A U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science funded Energy Frontier Research Center

Meeting the Grand Challenges for Science and the Imagination

The Center's research incorporates three of the five Grand Challenges described in the Department of Energy's BESAC report Directing Matter and Energy: Five Challenges for Science and the Imagination. 

  • How do we control material processes at the level of electrons?
  • How do remarkable properties of matter emerge from complex correlations of the atomic or electronic constituents and how can we control these properties?
  • How do we characterize and control matter away—especially very far away—from equilibrium?

The Center directly addresses two BES workshop reports in the Basic Research Needs series: From Quanta to the Continuum: Opportunities for Mesoscale Science and Basic Research Needs for Electrical Energy Storage; and addresses the call for New Science for a Secure and Sustainable Energy Future.


quanta to the continuumBESAC 5 challengesnew science for a secure and sustainable energy future