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Graduate Courses Schedule (Fall 2022)

For Ph.D./M.A. in Linguistics, M.A. in Computational Linguistics
LIN 521 Syntax I, TUTH 11:30AM-12:50PM, John Bailyn
LIN 522 Phonetics, TUTH 08:15PM-09:35PM, Tatiana Luchkina
LIN 523 Phonology I, MW 08:30AM-09:50AM, Lori Repetti
LIN535 Historical Linguistics, MW 04:25PM-05:45PM, TBA
LIN 537 Computational Linguistics I, TUTH 01:15PM-02:35PM, Jiwon Yun
LIN 539 Mathematical Methods in Linguistics, TUTH 09:45AM-11:05AM, Thomas Graf
LIN 629 Learnability, TUTH 03:00PM-04:20PM, Jeffrey Heinz
LIN 651 Seminar in Syntax, MWF 10:30AM-11:25AM, TBA
LIN 653 Seminar in Phonology, MF 01:00PM-02:20PM, Marie Huffman
For M.A. in TESOL
LIN 522 Phonetics, TUTH 08:15PM-09:35PM, Tatiana Luchkina
LIN 524 TESOL Pedagogy: Methods I, W 06:05PM-09:10PM or M 06:05PM-09:10PM, Dorit Kaufman
LIN527 Structure of English, MW 04:25PM-05:45PM, Francisco Ordonez
LIN 530 Introduction to General Linguistics, TUTH 06:30PM-07:50PM, Richard Larson
LIN 541 Bilingualism, TUTH 04:45PM-06:05PM, Tatiana Luchkina
LIN542 Sociolinguistics, TUTH 01:15PM-02:35PM, Joy Janzen
LIN 544 Language Acquisition and Literacy Development, M 06:05PM-08:55PM, Joy Janzen