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Our Mission

The Lichtenstein Center promotes the creation of original work in a range of disciplines, while offering opportunities for collaboration and experimentation outside of traditional program borders.

To train an artist in today’s cultural landscape means training a well-rounded, independent, imaginative entrepreneur, one with the resourcefulness to draw on a range of literary and visual traditions and genres, as well as new media and technologies in the pursuit of artistic excellence.

Our Founding Principles

Creative inquiry into the human condition is equivalent to scientific inquiry, and offers similar benefits to individuals and to society. Creativity is becoming more important to our futures, not less.

Program design: student-centered, project-driven, taught by the most distinguished practitioners in the world.

Position within the university: Creative Arts programs should be gathered together, not housed in traditional academic departments. The enterprising spirit of creative arts most closely resembles the culture of science research.

Procedure: Embrace change. Always innovate. Respond with intelligence and agility to the continuous disruptions to the creation and delivery of art in society and the marketplace.

Tone: Creativity requires confidence and a sense of humor. Do not cower. Laugh whenever possible.