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The poster sessions at ISNA are a key component of the scientific exchange at the conference. We look forward to lively and enthusiastic discussions in the poster hall.

Posters will be mounted on boards that are 36" h x 48" w (90 cm x 120 cm). Posters printed on A0 paper (84 cm x 119 cm) can be accommodated in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Mounting & Removing
The poster sessions will be Monday and Tuesday, 4:30-6:30 pm, in the Center for Leadership and Service (LDS). All posters will be mounted for both sessions. We ask that authors of odd-numbered posters (P-1, P-3, etc.) stand by their posters on Monday, while authors of even-numbered posters stand by their posters on Tuesday.

Posters should be mounted in the LDS Multipurpose Room after the morning lecture session on Monday. All posters should be posted before 4:30 pm on Monday, and should remain until the end of the poster session on Tuesday afternoon. We ask that all poster presenters remove their posters at the end of the Tuesday session.

Materials for mounting posters will be provided in the LDS on Monday.

The Royal Society of Chemistry (Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B, and C) is sponsoring three poster prizes, which will be awarded by a selection committee. The awards will be announced and delivered during the closing ceremony on Friday.