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Inventors Patent No. Issue Data Title
Dale Deutsch, Matthew Elmes, Kongzhen Hu, Martin Kaczocha, Iwao Ojima, Yan Su, Simon Tong 10,968,163 4/6/2021 Alpha-Truxillic Acid and Pharmaceutical Compositions
Andisheh Abedini, Rehana Akter, Daniel Raleigh 11,028,137 6/8/2021 Mutant Islet Amyloid Polypeptides with Improved Solubility and Methods for Using the Same
Trent Balius, William Berger, Dale Deutsch, Martin Kaczocha, Iwao Ojima, Robert Rizzo 11,026,910 6/8/2021 a- and y-truxillic Acid Derivatives and Pharmaceutical Compositions Thereof
Clinton Rubin 11,040,215 6/22/2021 Compositions and Methods For Enhancing the Biological Response to Chemical Agents and Physical Stimuli
Amy Marschilok, Coray McBean, Esther Takeuchi, Kenneth Takeuchi, Lei Wang, Stanislaus Wong 11,056,685 7/6/2021 Flower-Like LI 4 TI 5 O 12 – Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Composite Structures with Performance as Highrate Anode-Materials for LI-Ion Battery Applications, and Methods of Synthesis Thereof
Daniel DeDora, Lilianne Strey (Mujica-Parodi), Helmut Strey 11,061,093 7/13/2021 Dynamic Phantom for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Nicole Sampson, Xinxin Yang, Tianao Yuan 11,072,633 7/27/2021 Azasteroids  for Treatment of Tuberculosis