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Inventors Patent No. Issue Date Title
Luisa Escobar-Hoyos, Kenneth Shroyer 11,360,092 6/14/2022 Targeting keratin 17 as a diagnostic and prognostic biomarker for bladder cancer
Steffen Mueller, Eckard Wimmer 11,371,024 6/28/2022 Condon pair deopotimized recombiant genomes of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and Penumovirus of Mice (PVM) useful for Live Attenuated Vaccines
Carol Carter, Susan Watanabe 11,369,622 6/28/2022 Methods and Compounds to Inhibit Enveloped Virus Release
Maurizio Del Poeta, Visesato Mor 11,390,580 7/19/2022 Identification of New Compounds against Fungal Sphingolipids
Anatoliy Borodin, Yuri Polyakov 11,404,805 8/2/2022 Solderless Circuit Connector
Shenghui Cheng, Klaus Mueller 11,416,129 8/16/2022 Data Access Interface
Maurizio Del Poeta, Krupanandan Haranahalli, Cristina Lazzarini, Iwao Ojima 11,414,378 8/16/2022 Anti-Fungals Compounds Targeting the Synthesis of Fungal Sphingolipids
Michael * Amato, Gerald Smaldone, Ronnie Toddywalla 11,452,823 9/27/2022 Breath-Enhanced Jet Nebulizer
Amirhossein Goldan, Andrew LaBella, Wei Zhao 11,454,730 9/27/2022 High Resolution Depth-Encoding Pet Detector with Prismatoid Light Guide Array
Adrian Howansky, Anthony Lubinsky, Wei Zhao 11,460,590 10/4/2022 Dual-Screen Digital Radiography with Asymmetric Reflective Screens
Thomas Floyd 11,478,151 10/25/2022 Fiber Optic Flow And Oxygenation Monitoring Using Diffuse Correlation And Reflectance
James Egan, Iwao Ojima 11,497,713 11/15/2022 Combination Taxoid Nanoemulsion with Immunotherapy in Cancer
Haili Liu, Ya Wang 11,502,622 11/15/2022 Piezoelectric-Triboelectric Heel Charger to Generate Electricity from Locomotion Using Level Mechanical  SSHI Boosting Circuit
Amirhossein Goldan, Wei Zhao 11,508,858 11/22/2022 Multi-Well Selenium Device and Method for Fabrication Thereof
Fan Ye, Bing Zhou 11,513,205 11/29/2022 System and Method Associated with User Authentication Based on an Acoustic-Based Echo Signature
Avraham Dilmanian 11,511,136 11/29/2022 A Method for Treating Damaged Peripheral Nerves Using X-RAY