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New Members of the National Academy of Inventors Were Inducted During the NAI-SBU Chapter Annual Meeting Held in May 2021

The Stony Brook University Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) 6th annual meeting and New Members Induction Ceremony was held in May 2021.  NAI Assistant Director Yashira Cabrera was able to join the virtual event from Florida to provide her greetings along with the letter from the President of NAI Dr. Paul Sanberg.

This year, the NAI-SBU chapter welcomed nine new SBU members from various departments across campus recognizing outstanding and talented inventors who were issued patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office, as well as two honorary members selected for their support and contributions to the SBU academic community.  Along with these stellar awardees, three early-stage innovators received the Young Academic Inventor Award 2021, honored with a certificate and a check for $1,000. They will appear in person at the Young Academic Inventor Symposium held later this year to present an overview of their research. 

Stony Brook University President Maurie McInnis gave introductory remarks citing the significance and need for timely, forward-thinking inventions, especially during the challenging moment of social transition.  She highlighted the university’s outstanding track record in providing scientific research and inventions, not only in the fight against COVID but throughout the university’s history. “The very idea of researching and innovating is at the core of Stony Brook University’s mission: that’s why the Stony Brook Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors was established in 2016”, added President McInnis. 

VP for Research Dr. Richard Reeder spoke about the sense of importance that Stony Brook attaches to its innovations and inventions; an importance that has grown during the last year as the entire world looked to science for solutions and hope. “Looking forward, I am just excited to think about future inventions that are yet to come, and this is a lot of inspiration for Stony Brook”, said Dr. Reeder. Dr.’s Iwao Ojima, Distinguished Professor in Chemistry and President of the NAI-SBU chapter, and Sean Boykevisch, Director of IPP and Executive Director of the NAI-SBU Chapter, provided their congratulations to new members as well. 

The keynote speaker of the meeting was NAI Fellow and the holder of numerous patents, Dr. Jahangir Rastegar, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering.  Dr. Rastegar gave an engaging talk about his experience as an inventor and systematic approach to solving engineering problems. 

The NAI mission is “to enhance the visibility of academic technology and innovation; to encourage the disclosure of intellectual property; to educate and mentor innovative students; and to translate the inventions of its members to benefit society”.  The NAI has more than 4,000 individual members and over 200 member institutions throughout the world

The Stony Brook University Chapter of NAI was established in 2016, and prides itself in fostering the Stony Brook inventor’s community, and in increasing visibility of the Stony Brook innovations and research both nationally and internationally.  Today, the Stony Brook University NAI chapter includes 114 members.


Congratulations to:

New members of the National Academy of Inventors

Dr. Danny Bluestein, Department of Biomedical Engineering 

Dr. Amy Marschilok, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Ming-Yu Ngai, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Yingtian Pan, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Robert Rizzo, Department of Statistics and Applied Mathematics

Dr. Milutin Stanacevic, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Priyanka Sharma, Department of Chemistry 

Dr. Emre Salman, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Dr. Kenneth Takeuchi, Department of Chemistry 


Honorary Members

Mr. Gary J. Gershik, Esq., Cooper & Dunham LLP;

Dr. Ann-Marie Scheidt, Economic Development, Stony Brook University


Young Academic Inventor Award winners

Dr. Andrew LaBella, Department of Radiology (Ph.D. 2020, Biomedical Engineering, Stony Brook University)

Dr. Andrew Fesler, Curamir Therapeutics (Ph.D. 2018, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Renaissance School of Medicine, Stony Brook University)

Dr. Sina Rashidian, Harvard Medical School (Ph.D. 2020, Computer Science, Stony Brook University)

NAI annual meeting 2021
Screen shot of SBU-NAI 6th Annual Meeting and New Members Induction Ceremony via zoom in May 2021