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Adapter for Surgical Retractors
Implementation of an adapter that allows for variability and ease of use of surgical retractors
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There are many forms of surgical retractors, each of them having their advantages and disadvantages but there is a need for an adapter that allows for a plurality of friction grips on surgical retractors, or supported by a robotic arm. Based on the type of retractor, it can have a curved, hooked, or angled blade that is fitted with a handle.


This technology revolves around an adapter that is configured for use with handheld surgical retractors. It has a body that defines the adapter surface. It includes a rear plate that is opposite the adapter surface and a mating connecting window that is configured to receive a surgical retractor head via a connecting element. The mating connecting window is also configured to conceal the retractor head so it doesn?t make contact with the surgical tissue. This adapter can be customized with various types, positions, or angles of friction grips or to be used as prong covers, and etc.


This adapter allows for a lot of flexibility when using these surgical retractors. This will allow for more stability and ease of use when performing surgeries.


This technology will be used during surgeries to separate an entry point of the body in order to work on the underlying area.


Daniel Birk, Clinical Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery
Vincent DeStefano, Undergraduate, Biomedical Engineering
Nicole Hershkowitz, Undergraduate, Biomedical Engineering

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Donna Tumminello, Assistant Director, Intellectual Property Partners,, 6316324163

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