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MyBody MyPlan: Connecting The Right People to the Right Information and to Each Other
An app built around the patient and the many stakeholders the patient encounters as he/she navigates life and the medical system
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70% of health care dollars in the U.S. are spent on the treatment of chronic diseases. MyBody MyPlan bridges an information gap that poses an obstacle to successful chronic disease management for many individuals whose health depends upon their ability to successfully execute a self-management plan (SMP). The array of stakeholders (medical and non-medical) involved in the care of a single patient often lack common knowledge of key aspects of an individual?s SMP. MyBody MyPlan, provides consistent answers to 3 basic questions about an individual patient?s chronic disease management plan: 1. What is the plan? 2. How do you do it? 3. How is it going?


Researchers at Stony Brook University have designed and built this web-based application through which end-users can access the same SMP regardless of: medical knowledge; location; time; role; health care institution or EMR. Embedded within the application is a means to measure ease and efficacy of communication. The health care team prescribes the plan and the patient can share it. Each patient has his/her own home page which can be accessed via the world wide web, or potentially via any EMR with a SMART on FHIR compatible API. The patient can log entries in a calendar, and upload photos or free text.


- Can be tailored to many chronic diseases - Simple, clear and intuitive - Fits into the work-flow of all stakeholders. End-user reaches the patient homepage in 3 clicks or less, regardless access is via the WWW, an EMR or a patient portal - HIPAA compliant - End-user can use existing emails and passwords


Katharine Kevill, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Susmita Pati, Professor, Pediatrics
Giuseppina Caravella, Study Coordinator, Pediatrics
Sanket Dige, Masters in Computer Science, Computer Science
Badrinath Radhakrishnan, Masters in Computer Science, Computer Science
Sandeep Vishnu, Candidate for masters in computer science, Computer Science
Shraddha Sharma, candidate for masters in computer science, Computer Science
Paul Grindle, , Computer Science

Licensing Contact

Valery Matthys, Licensing Associate, Intellectual Property Partners,,

Prototype available and successfully tested in mock patients. Now piloted in real patients.

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