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Message from the Director



Stony Brook University has a deep history of innovation and of successfully translating scientific discoveries into new products and services that improve the human condition.   From life saving medications for the prevention of blood clots, to mouth-washes that prevent bad breath, and technologies enabling virtual colonoscopy - these, and many other Stony Brook University inventions have enhanced the lives of millions of people.   While we are proud of our past success, our current and future research holds the most promise.

This is an amazing time for Stony Brook University.   The University is at the leading edge of advancements in quantum computing, medical imaging, artificial intelligence, and novel therapies and vaccines for the treatment and prevention of infections and diseases of aging.  Through the diligent research of our esteemed faculty and students, these advances are giving rise to valuable new technologies and therapies that have the potential to change the world by addressing some of our most pressing needs as a society.   Translating these inventions into new products and services requires close collaboration between inventors and the private sector who takes on the ultimate responsibility for commercialization. 

The Intellectual Property Partners serves to bridge SBU innovations with public benefit.  Our team works closely with Stony Brook University inventors and the business community to successfully translate SBU innovations into new products and services.  While our team has a strong foundation of experience to draw from, we are working more closely than ever with our campus partners in SBU’s Office of Economic Development, and with the greater SBU innovation community to leverage our collective experiences and partnerships to fulfill our mission.   

Whether you are a faculty member or graduate student new to the commercial process, or a veteran inventor new to SBU, we want to meet with you to learn about your research and discuss our process with you.   If you are a company looking for the next great innovation, we want to learn about your needs and connect you to the most promising innovators and technologies being developed at Stony Brook University. 

Our office would like to collaborate with you in your pursuit of innovation and commercialization.  Please contact us by email ( or by phone (631-632-9009) to learn more about our office and SBU’s innovations.  


Sean Boykevisch, PhD
Director, Intellectual Property Partners