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Think. Create. Innovate.


Innovation, Creation, Engagement and Technology

iCREATE is an area within the Division of Information Technology with stakeholders in CEAS, COB, IREP and Economic Development


The vision of the iCREATE is to provide the ideology and tools for fostering institutional collaborative endeavors sparking creativity, innovation, and ultimately redefining technological boundaries.


The Mission of iCREATE is to establish an on campus physical engagement nexus where campus innovation and creation can be nurtured.

  • Provide an environment that fosters engagement, creation and innovation
  • Encourage an entrepreneurial mindset amongst the campus community who are poised to be the innovators and leaders of the next generation
  • Provide informal learning opportunities through workshops, events and hands-on programs.
  • Provide tools/resources for innovation and creation
  • Inspire an environment where it’s "OK to Fail"
  • Create within the community a common identity and collaboration point that will nurture the talents/expertise of Stony Brook University students, faculty, and staff.  As well as partnering with alumni and experts to enhance innovation experience for all.
iCREATE, a department under the Division of Information Technology at Stony Brook University, supports innovative technologies within CELT to provide a hands-on environment of collaborative endeavors in order to spark creativity, innovation, and to ultimately redefine technological boundaries, engagement, creation, and innovation. The multitude of iCREATE facilities on campus include the Innovation Lab, Innovation Greenhouse, Toolbox, HICS, One Button Studio, and MIX Studio. iCREATE runs numerous events to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset across the campus community through formal and informal partnerships with showcase events such as WolfieTank and InnovateIT. Other iCREATE initivaties include Innovation Stations, CommUniversity Day, and pop-up programs in association with campus partners. These events occur throughout the year to foster a culture of experimentation with technology and to provide support to all disciplines within the campus community.

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