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Judging Categories


1. Most Interdisciplinary Hack 
Awarded to the team with the hack most impressive in its cohesion of multiple disciplines. It includes different components that come together harmoniously. 
2. First-Time hackers
Awarded to a team of entirely first-time hackathon participants who learned the most and presented an impressive hack.
3. Best Incorporation of 3D Printing/Modeling
Awarded to the team that best implements 3D printing in their project.  
4. Humanitarian Hack
Awarded to the team with the most impressive and feasible hack to solve issues related to humanitarian efforts such as: Environmental Sustainability, Disaster Relief, Health and Wellness. 
5. Sustainable/Most Resourceful Hack
Awarded to the team that develops the best long term solution to a problem with the least amount of material/money. They make efficient use of their resources or the resources available in the impacted area.  
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