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Do You:

  • Want to change something that can benefit the SBU campus population or other campuses?
  • Want to make something to help a developing nation?
  • Want to make a video to improve the freshman experience?
  • Want to build a bridge out of supplies found in the woods?
  • Have your own innovative ideas that you want to make come to life?

Can you take an idea and make it a reality in 24 hours?  If so, InnovateIT is the place for you!

Will you be the one to tackle these global issues?

About InnovateIT 2018

Stony Brook University iCREATE and our partners are holding  InnovateIT.   Inspiring multidisciplinary students to   collaborate and envision your next big idea across various mediums. This hackathon style event offers you the opportunity to build something that will help your fellow students or the greater world.

InnovateIT is the hackathon that wants to see your ideas come to life.  We have platforms such as video, hardware, design challenges and more.  We want you to make a difference in the world, or just your campus community by designing solutions to real problems.  

Global Issues


The Global Goals

Mentors & Volunteers

We are in need  of mentors and volunteers who would like to help hard working innovators find solutions to global problems by helping us provide them with a productive environemt!  

Volunteers will float during the event and help with food and supplies. 

CLICK HERE to sign up to become a volunteer!

Mentors will help groups work on all types of projects. Mentors have design, engineering, video skills and more. 

CLICK HERE to sign up to become a mentor!


Each slot is 2 hours! Feel free to sign up for more than one slot  or for the duration of the event! We'll provide the swag and food, we need you to help!!