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The Institute for Energy Sustainability and Equity will build the scientific foundation needed to meet the science and technology energy challenges of the 21st Century.


Housed at Stony Brook University, the Institute focuses on electrochemistry and energy storage to address energy, energy related environmental issues, and human health.

Focus Areas:

Energy storage for a new energy vision: Advances in energy storage basic science and technology are critical in enabling expanded adoption of renewable forms of energy and a clean green resilient electric grid.

Facilitate electrification of transportation: Further portable energy storage needed to enable the widespread utilization of electric vehicles.

Energy storage in service of human health: Advances in treatment and diagnosis of human health demand advances in energy storage providing small, adaptable, and reliable systems.


Conduct scientific research to foster innovation: The Institute will  conduct scientific research to promote innovation with a focus on electrochemistry and energy storage.

Educate energy leaders and workforce: Prepare students, early and mid-career scientists to become the energy  leaders of the future.

Engage partners: Leverage Brookhaven National Laboratory to mobilize and engage private and public partners in impactful new programs related to energy and the environment.