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Conduct first-class interdisciplinary research and development in wireless and information technology; foster new enterprise development; and address the skilled technology worker shortage.




The GENESIS mission is to develop a new paradigm for synthesis that accelerates the discovery of functional materials by integrating advanced in-situ diagnostics and data science tools to interrogate, predict, and control the pathways that govern synthesis and lead to new materials.




I-GIT will support advanced concepts in gas technology development and deployment for homes and businesses enabling a sustainable and safe environment through cross-disciplinary collaboration and academic-industry. The institute’s global partnerships in low-carbon policies will balance energy and environment through technology implementation.




GINIA aims to develop the next generation of disruptive technology for our nation’s safety and security.




RedShred's mission is to make all documents understandable and usable for people and machines.




Resilient Energy & Infrastructure (REI) is an advanced energy integration innovator focused on resiliency solutions where high-reliability creates high-value-add for the client.  We bring capital deployment capability and an engineering-driven trusted partner approach, and we focus on solutions that are financially, environmentally, and operationally sustainable.  Our expertise, discipline, and network offer superior execution in markets where there is accelerating transformation into next generation systems.




A 3D data visualization company revolutionizing how humans consume and use information. Whether we are in a war zone, an ER, a boardroom, or the playing field we all have critical decisions to make in chaotic environments, and to do that, we need to make use of the large datasets we're capturing. Matri is re-designing the human machine interface so our brains can consume more information, faster, so our clients can make sense making their competitive advantage.