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For Research Foundation Employees


On August 11, we shared a Stronger Together update highlighting facts about COVID guidance for the Stony Brook Community

Here is what you need to know ...



Getting Vaccinated


The New York State Department of Health (DOH) has issued an order that all hospitals and nursing homes “continuously require all covered personnel to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with the first dose for current personnel received by September 27, 2021.” The order broadly defines “covered personnel” as “all persons employed or affiliated with a covered entity, whether paid or unpaid, including but not limited to employees, members of the medical and nursing staff, contract staff, students, and volunteers, who engage in activities such that if they were infected with COVID-19, they could potentially expose patients, residents, or personnel working for such entity to the disease.”

The University is required to comply with this order which allows for limited medical exemptions with reasonable accommodations, consistent with applicable law. The DOH will be monitoring any such exemptions. The Medical Exemption Form, which outlines exemption criteria and instructions, can be found on the Stronger Together website .

Vaccine Availability


Opportunity to Share Vaccination Status

Fully Vaccinated EMPLOYEES

Fully vaccinated employees have the opportunity to share their full vaccination status with us in order to opt out of weekly surveillance testing as outlined in our August 11, 2021 Stonger Together Update . To submit your full vaccination status, log onto SOLAR >COVID-19 > COVID-19 Vaccination Record.


Students: (+ GA/TA/RPA) Wolfie Health Portal  
SBUH Employees: Health Stream
Visitors: Visitor Policy

Unvaccinated/Unknown Status

Individuals who have a physical presence on campus and have not been fully vaccinated or have not shared their full vaccination status with us need to continue to maintain COVID-19 protocols in accordance with federal (CDC) guidelines .


Mask Mandate


All faculty, staff, students and visitors, regardless of their vaccination status, must wear face coverings while inside University and Hospital buildings. This includes classrooms, hallways, libraries and other common spaces, as well as SBU buses and shuttles. It also includes the Health Sciences and Basic Sciences Towers, offices in Flowerfield, Tech Park, Ronkonkoma and Commack, and administrative areas within outpatient facilities and physician practices. Face coverings are not required inside personal rooms at residence halls, while eating in on-campus dining areas, within personal offices or in non-public-facing personal workstations. Masks are not required outdoors.

Latest Guidance


Surveillance Testing

Fully vaccinated employees

Individuals who share their full vaccination status with us will only be subject to periodic COVID surveillance testing .  If you have recorded your COVID vaccination in SOLAR and are subject to periodic COVID surveillance testing you will have received a message from HR outlining your monthly testing schedule. Employees who are away from the workplace and miss their scheduled testing period should test on their return to the workplace and thereafter according to their schedule.

Please check the Testing and Screening Information webpage  on our Stronger Together site  for the most current schedules and locations.

Unvaccinated/unknown vaccination status EMPLOYEEs

Mandatory weekly surveillance testing will continue to be required for any person who has a physical presence on campus and who has not been fully vaccinated or who has not shared their vaccination status with us.



COVID-19 Affirmation


Within three business days of arrving on campus, New York State requires that employees affirm that they have read and understand their obligation to follow the revised guidance and its provisions: 

Step 1: Log into SOLAR

Step 2: Go to →COVID-19→COVID-19 Affirmation Document

Step 3: Check the completion box and save.



Pandemic Policy


The purpose of this University policy is to inform our community of our expectations and key health and safety measures, which have been established to help minimize the risk of transmitting COVID-19. To view our comprehensive policy on COVID-19, please visit

COVID-19 Pandemic Health and Safety Policy



Travel Advisory


As of June 25, 2021, the New York State Travel Advisory is no longer in effect. As such, travelers arriving in New York are no longer required to submit traveler health forms.

All travelers, domestic and international, should continue to follow all CDC travel requirements.

CDC Guidelines for Domestic Travelers

CDC Guidelines for International Travelers


Daily Health Self-Screener (CampusClear)


At present, employees ​ are no longer required to  ​complete the daily CampusClear screener before coming to their campus ​ ​worksite. However, please complete the daily CampusClear screener if you do not feel well or want to monitor for any symptoms before you leave to work on campus. Follow the guidance provided at the end of the screening. How to Use CampusClear.