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Homecoming History 

This year marks the 40th year of Stony Brook Homecoming. Take a walk down memory lane with our Homecoming Through the Years photo album.

Homecoming Through the Years


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Homecoming Memories

What made Homecoming special for you? Share your fondest memories with your fellow Seawolves! Check back here for your memories and on our social media channels.

1981: Stony Brook held its first annual Homecoming celebration.

1984: Stony Brook crowned its first Homecoming King, Eric Levine, and Queen, Jackie Delaney.

1994: The football team took the field under its new name, the Seawolves, for the first time at Homecoming.

1995: Although the rain put a damper on Homecoming activities, the Distinguished Alumnus Luncheon was still successful with over 100 in attendance.

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1999: The Stony Brook Seawolves won their first Division I Homecoming game against Monmouth with a score of 7-3.  

2002: At the 2002 Homecoming game on Saturday, October 19, the Stony Brook football stadium was officially named LaValle Stadium after Senator Kenneth LaValle.  

2003: At the Homecoming Gala halftime show, attendees had the chance to compete in a kick-off tournament to win a Chevy SUV.

2004: Renowned alumnus Carolyn Porco kicked off Homecoming weekend with a lecture on the Cassini Saturn Mission.  

2006: The Seawolves’ 33-21 win over Albany at LaValle Stadium marked the debut of the Stony Brook University Marching Band. It also started a streak of eight consecutive Homecoming victories for the Stony Brook football team.

2010: Homecoming weekend 2010 marked the debut of the Seawolves Showcase, an opportunity for the University’s most talented performers to entertain their fellow students, alumni and members of the community.  

2016: More than 300 alumni in total attended a variety of special alumni-focused events, including the Black and Latino Alumni Network’s Multicultural Brunch, Stony Brook University Crew’s Inaugural Alumni Reunion Breakfast and Row at the Port Jefferson Yacht Club, Professor Michael Barnhart’s Cuban Missile Crisis Simulation (based on his World War II Simulation course), and alumni breakfasts hosted by The Statesman and the College of Business.  


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Seawolves Showcase

Seawolves Showcase
Seawolves are full of spirit and talent - which is shared with the community at our annual Seawolves Showcase! Check out some of the campus performance groups light up the stage.

Seawolves Showcase Through the Years

Homecoming Court History

Homecoming 1987 King and Queen










 1998 King and Queen









Homecoming 2005 King and Queen


In 2018, Stony Brook University adopted an all-gender
Homecoming Court, crowning three individuals as Stony
Brook Royals.

2022 Royals: Vineeta Abraham, Subhadra Debnath and Kriyal Patel 

2021 Royals: Maya Brown, Val Marzulli, and Christopher Espiritu

2019 Royals: Nicolas Pennisi, Nicole Chan, and Nylette Lopez 

2018 Royals: RJ Samodal, Jules Zambito and Ian Lesnick. 



Year King       Queen
2017 PP Pandya       Veronica Fox
2016 Casey Getzler       Christina Penna
2015 Valliappan Lakshmanan       Ruchi Shah
2014 Jules Mayard       Jaclyn Lattanza
2013 Adam Alas       Olivia Cheng
2012 Karthik Rao       Dani Klupenger
2011 Nicholas Ela       Jaime Poynter
2010 Charles Rico       Kirin Mahmud
2009 Felix Claudio       Vivianna Schwoerer
2008 Sean Singh       Opeyemi Ajibade
2007 Navneet Singh       Patricia Ng
2006 Ali Mehrabian       Antoinette Otoo
2005 Cody Peluso       Elizabeth Roberts
2004 Michael Prodromou       Tejus Bale
2003 Bradley Jerson       Christina Geraci
2002 Jeffrey Javiafar       Kimberly Herrera
2001 Adam Zimmerman       Justina Geraci
2000 Andrew Murray       Maya Chahine
1999 Anthony LaViscount       Elizabeth Kelley
1998 Kevin Keenan       Elizabeth Seifu
1997 Joseph Morandi       Dina Covello
1996 Jamel Thomas       Alicia Leonard
1995 Joe Gentry       Lisa Joyce
1994 Ryan Mitola       Jericka Giwner
1993 Brent Spinieo       Mary Skafidas
1992 Jayson Zellman       Krista DeMaria
1991 Bill Piervincenzi       Dana Meaney
1990 Yves Gabriel       Michelle    O'Connor
1989 Curtis Epstein        Nancy Schaefer
1988 David Howe        Ann Jannarone
1987 Howie Gale        Fran Wexler
1986 Bill Nelson        Hilary Garskof
1985 Fred Calabro        Alicia Hermo
1984 Eric Levine        Jackie Delaney

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