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2018 Templated dentin formation by dental pulp stem cells on banded collagen bundles nucleated on electrospun poly (4-vinyl pyridine) fibers   in vitro
2018 Roles of Interfacial Tension in Regulating Internal Organization of Low Bandgap Polymer Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells by Polymer Additives
2018 The effect of university research apprenticeships for high school students on Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology learning and the pursuit of Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology degrees and careers
2018 Enhancing Impact Resistance of Polymer Blends via Self-Assembled Nanoscale Interfacial Structures
2018 Electrospun Conjugated Polymer/Fullerene Hybrid Fibers: Photoactive Blends, Conductivity through Tunneling-AFM, Light Scattering, and Perspective for Their Use in Bulk-Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells
2018 Polyaniline-functionalized ion-sensitive floating-gate FETs for the on-chip monitoring of peroxidase-catalyzed redox reactions
2018 Creating a Novel Graphene Oxide/Iron/Polylactic Acid Composite that Promotes Dental Pulp Stem Cell Proliferation and Mineralization
2018 The Effects of Graphene Oxide and Partially Reduced Graphene Oxide on   Staphylococcus aureus, Dermal Fibroblasts, and Keratinocytes
2018 Room Temperature Dielectric Characteristics of Chitosan-Graphene Films Embedded In Cellulose Fabric
2017 Cell-based cytotoxicity assays for engineered nanomaterials safety screening: exposure of adipose derived stromal cells to titanium dioxide nanoparticles
2017 Discrimination of Adsorbed Double-Stranded and Single-Stranded DNA Molecules on Surfaces by Fluorescence Emission Spectroscopy Using Acridine Orange Dye
2017 Tissue-Engineered Vascular Grafts for Use in Vascular and Reconstructive Surgery
2017 Capitalizing on the molybdenum disulfide/graphene synergy to produce mechanical enhanced flame retardant ethylene-vinyl acetate composites with low aluminum hydroxide loading
2017 Incorporation of cellulose with adsorbed phosphates into poly (lactic acid) for enhanced mechanical and flame retardant properties
2017 Synthesis and characterization of iron nanoparticles on partially reduced graphene oxide as a cost-effective catalyst for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
2017 Effectiveness of X-ray computed microtomography to determine structure-property relationships of Gutta-percha
2017 The influence of surface chemistry on adsorbed fibrinogen conformation, orientation, fiber formation and platelet adhesion
2017 Meglumine antımoniate-TiO2@Ag nanoparticle combinations reduce toxicity of the drug while enhancing its antileishmanial effect
2017 Biodegradable, flame retardant wood-plastic combination via in situ ring-opening polymerization of lactide monomers
2017 Engineering flame retardant biodegradable polymer nanocomposites and their application in 3D printing
2017 Correction: Manipulation of cell adhesion anddynamics using RGD functionalized polymers
2017 A new strategy to engineer polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells with thick active layers via self-assembly of the tertiary columnar phase
2017 The Influence of Metalized Graphene Oxide/Reduced Graphene Oxide and Sulfonated Polystyrene on Dental Pulp Stem Cell Differentiation and Protein Adsorption
2017 Turning High School Students into MRS Authors and Presenters: The Magic of the Garcia Summer Scholars Program