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Agnes's Pierogi Heavenly Taste

Agnes Malczewski

In my pierogies I mix Polish tradition, culture, heritage and my passion for cooking and childhood flavors.  I offer a few varieties and what makes my pierogis very unique is that I make them in colors with fresh vegetables. Red- Beets, Green- Spinach, Orange- carrots.




Alpha Honey Health

We hand select our honey from the oldest and most pristine ecosystems from around the world to offer you a robust and rich flavor packed with endless health and nutritional benefits.

Quality Comes First. We are driven by science and medical research to deliver the best pure, natural honey and skincare for overall health, beauty and longevity.

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(631) 861-4299

Aro Chili

Aro Chili LLC


Barleaya LLC

Stay tuned - more information to come!

Jean Gibson 

Bliss Pastries

Bliss Pastries, Inc.

Bliss Pastries makes the most amazing gluten free chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip cookie pies, brownies and muffins.

Stacy, the company founder developed her own recipes and began baking in 2005 when her daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease.  There were very few gluten free products on the market and the products that existed didn't taste like regular desserts.

Since then our recipes have been perfected.  The best compliment is when people say how delicious our products are and they can’t tell our products are gluten free.

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Stacy Malinow
(917) 972-0377 


Chef Frank's Market

Chef Frank’s flavors have arrived in your kitchen!  Offering 21 delicious empanada varieties and other tasty appetizers.

Baked or fried as an appetizer or dessert. Delicious fillings with a Latin touch wrapped in a light and flaky dough.

Frank Maldonado
(646) 492-6161 

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Cookiesforthesoul is a mother daughter duo sharing their passion for cookies. We make homemade, artisan, gooey, melt in your mouth cookies with love! We sell our cookies nationwide through our website online!

We hope our cookies speak to your soul!

Talia Zar
(516) 508-6800 

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After many decades in the pizza industry, we continue to provide the best possible pizza NY has to offer.  Our original NY frozen cheese pizza, all made with our own special, fresh ingredients, are known throughout the region.

You can now enjoy our wonderful products, wherever you are in America.

In essence, we bring New York to you!

Amer Klivcevic
(212) 457-1258 

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Dekkade LLC

There is no better and simpler method of enhancing food's flavors than through its natural origins - and that is exactly what Dekkade Pastonade provides.

Adalaide Paul
(646) 258-9213

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Divine Brine

Divine Brine is committed to creating the finest all natural pickles, Italian specialties and chutneys. As often as possible, we purchase our produce from local growers.

There are no artificial preservatives, colorings or flavors in our products.

Robert Schaefer
(631) 742-6091 

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Forward Roots 

Award winning producer of Naturally Fermented Kimchi Sauces & condiments from NY. 

Traditional flavors for the modern cook:  curate & create our personal kimchi, dips, marinades & more!  Use as an ingredient to add some kick into your everyday foods & preserves (preserve through kimchi, zero waste through kimchi).

SuIn Park
(347) 566-5570 

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Fresh Factor

Founded in 2019, Fresh Factor is a pressed juice company that is dedicated to helping you live a healthier lifestyle. Made fresh daily our juices are raw, all natural and have no added sugars or preservatives. So many of us want to live a healthier lifestyle but don't know where to begin. We make it easy for you!

Curtis Redding 

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Illegal Baker

The Illegal Baker began her career as an attorney but, her passion for baking soon won out. In July 2021, Amy left the legal field to pursue baking full time. The Illegal Baker provides homemade cakes, pies, tarts, and more.

Amy Pincus


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Kan Keto

We work at a completely gluten free kitchen.  We are starting with a line of Keto friendly, gluten free, low carb, very low sugar, near 0 on the glycemic index, high fiber.

Be Healthy, Enjoy!

Dean Koke
(631) 741-4202  

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Khea's Cookies

Khea's Cookies

Khea Williams

(516) 263-9487

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Lauretta's t

Lauretta's British Ginger T

Immune-boosting, powerful, potent drink that can help with several areas of good health, including weight loss, relief of nausea, indigestion, fight colds and flu, support heart health and prevent tooth decay!

 Lauretta G . Nkwocha

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Lucky Lou's Gourmet Rice Pudding

What is now known as Lucky Lou’s Gourmet Rice Pudding was born over 25 years ago at my luncheonette, Maria and Lou’s.

“The Best Rice Pudding” is more than a motto—it’s our commitment to family, yours and ours!

Maria & Lou Camassa
(631) 672-7162 

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Mama Felix's Empanadas

Mama Felix’s empanadas creates delicious wholesome empanadas crisped to perfection. My unique recipes have been developed and improved upon over decades to focus on fresh ingredients that enhance the love and passion that defines my creations. 
Arlin Felix
(631) 306-4119

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Milla's Puffs

Naturally gluten free, frozen products based on a traditional recipe from Brazil called “pão de queijo” (cheese puff).

Ludmilla Benevides
(631) 603-6018

Instagram; Facebook; Twitter & Linked In: @millaspuffs

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My Big Fat Cookie (NCMB)

At My BIG FAT Cookie we love cookies and we love high quality ingredients that's why we started My BIG FAT Cookie. A cookie that is filled with premium ingredients that set us apart. 

Tasting is believing and we know you will agree after just one bite.  

Nicole & Chris Canestro
(516) 446-2554 

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Naturally Free Food

We provide a unique shopping experience for those living a gluten-free lifestyle.  We also provide organic foods, any of our foods are all natural with no preservatives.

Christine Mitchell
(631) 873-8370 

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Night Owl Baker

After relocating to Montauk, I took my loaf with me with a desire to learn how to ‘grow’ bread and I began my journey as a baker.  I was committed to making  bread the way it was made centuries ago, with three pure ingredients and lots of time and love.  

Tracy Stoloff
(310) 463-1408 

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Peconic Escargot

Hi there!  I'm Taylor Knapp. Owner and Head Snail Wrangler here at Peconic Escargot.  Peconic Escargot produces  Fresh Escargot and Snail Caviar

Taylor Knapp
(855) 2-ESCARGOT 

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Rugged Jacks

Rugged Jacks

From the fertile soil of Long Island, NY - Rugged Jack's Hot Sauce provides a bold taste bud-tingling experience bottled for adventure. Each drop delivers a dose of Jack’s hand-grown, small batch herbs and spices – a perfect companion to the meals and moments shared on the trail, in the weeds, or at the summit.

Jack Jamgochian
(516) 780-5376

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Sid's Country, LLC

Sid's Country, LLC makes hand-crafted conserves, jams and sauces using only the freshest local ingredients.  Our flagship product is Sid’s Country Conserve.

Sid’s Country Conserve is hand-crafted in small batches with only fresh New York and New Jersey tomatoes. The third generation recipe preserves the tomato’s juicy texture, while pure cane sugar, warm spices and tangy apple cider vinegar unleash new, unexpected flavors. 

Nick & Mike Sidorowicz
(516) 428-4023

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Patricia Conforti

As the saying goes “adversity creates opportunity”. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012, which lead me down a path of discovery and experimentation.  I started to bake with gluten free flours available and tried new recipes. Nothing worked to my satisfaction.  I decided to make my own blend of flours. After perfecting my flour I decided to start with lemon bars.  Everyone that had a lemon square would remark,“you have to sell these, no one would believe they're gluten free”. So I decided to start with lemon squares.  Since then I have developed recipes for graham cracker crust cheesecake, bourbon maple pecan pie, and coconut chocolate. I also now sell my own flour blend. The company is named SQUARED gf because all the desserts are cut into squares, hence the name!


Sugar Sweet

Sugar Sweet is a family-based business, crafting some of the tastiest home baked treats on Long Island.  Jackie is the head baker and her daughter Ashley, finishes everything with the finest decorating touches.

Jackie and Ashley have resolved to source the finest and wholesome ingredients.

Jackie Tolson
(631) 742-2204 


The Biscotti Company

The Biscotti Company is an artisan bakery that focuses on creating handcrafted biscotti made from almonds, chocolate and nutritious, natural ingredients.

Bruno Logreco 

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The Family Grubb Hubb

Eggcellent Quiche

Light and rich, these quiches are healthy and enjoyable for your family.  With their soft texture our quiches perpetuates what taste, elegance, flavor and ultimately pleasure is all about.

Linda Doomes
(631) 260-1292 

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The Hampton Grocer

The Hampton Grocer’s granola is packed in a reusable glass jar, and over 50% of each 1-pound container is packed with nuts, seeds, and coconut. She uses only local honey to add a touch of sweetness.

She sells her granola locally at farm stands throughout the East End, at local farmers markets and online! 

Samantha Sherman
(973) 865-7338 

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Tru Flavor Seasonings

To  bring you the flavors of recipes from around the world and to source the best  providers using organic ingredients whenever possible and never ever add additives bringing you the quality you will both trust and love!

Trudy Langer 

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Uncle Nick's

"Uncle Nick’s" Cauliflower Crusts - A canvas for your own culinary creation. 

Pizza?    YES! Just add your favorite pizza toppings.     Flatbread?  YES! Drizzle a little olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt.    Even dessert?    YES!  Spread some Nutella and serve with a scoop of your favorite ice cream.

 They are plant-based, dairy free, gluten-free, and nut-free, so  everyone  has a seat at our table!

Nicholas Rytting
(347) 206-8717 

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Van's Country Style Potato Salad

Van's Country Style Potato Salad

Have you heard about Van's Country Style Potato Salad?   Delicious southern style potato salad like grandma used to make!

Vanessa Wilson
(631) 356-6822

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Veg On Board

Veg on Board specializes in 100% vegan and plant based charcuterie boards. Orders are curated with delicious vegan artisan cheeses, veggie “meats” and accompaniments all free from animal products and by products. 

Irene Manieri 

Visit @vegonboard on Instagram

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Vital Consumabes

Vital Consumables LLC


Vmartdiscount Inc

Vmartdiscount Inc offers a diverse selection of handcrafted herbal tea blends and superfood products, using organic & natural ingredients primarily from our family-owned farms.

Marie Vincent


Whole Le Crepe

Tina Paola
(631) 255 6025

Whole Le Crepe, Inc. offers authentic, sweet and savory crepes at Tanger Outlets, Riverhead.  We cater to special events, private parties, and business luncheons. Nothing attracts a crowd more than watching their food prepared right in front of them. We bring fresh ingredients and serve up hot, wholesome, and authentic crepes for you and your guests! Dazzle your guests with an interactive and entertaining food tasting experience.

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Willows Baked Goods

Willow’s Baked Goods is a Women owned business based out of Long Island, New York. The company specializes in vegan and gluten free goods. Owner, Kierstin Galvez started her journey at the age of 19 out of a local café. Willows strive to provide delicious baked goods for their customers.

Kierstin Galvez


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Wize Girl Treats

Wize Girl Treats creates paleo and gluten-free cookies and cakes that are made with wholesome ingredients that are good for you. We cater to those that have an allergy restriction or just want to enjoy a delicious cookie with the ones you love!

Jessica Gambale
(516) 270-6962 

Visit Wize-Girl-Treats Facebook Page